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Intuitive, Psychic and Healing Dreams
An adventure into your Dreaming Mind

We are all dreamers.  Research has shown what many of us have discovered on our own -- that we dream at least 6 to 8 times every night.  When we recall dreams, we discover they can offer help in problem solving and for understanding difficult issues.  Dreams give us healing insight and show us that we are linked to others through our natural psychic sensitivities.  Dreams can be brief and hard to recall, or they can be lucid -- when you know you are dreaming.

This two-day seminar examines the transpersonal side of dreams, their intuitive and psychic connection, and their healing potential.  Case studies are examined, along with examples from participants, to illustrate conditions for experiencing intuitive and psychic dreams.  Usually, intuition is considered to be that sudden knowing, that hunch, that impulse to act.  In dreams, these intuitive promptings become specific and we receive information that clarifies our waking intuitions.  As we progress with dream work, our dreams can occur in a variety of psychic information types -- telepathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing, and precognition.  Findings from dream telepathy and remote viewing research are reviewed for insight into our psychic dreaming process.  Methods for dream recall and the value of journal keeping are explained.

To experience the nature of dreams, workshop participants practice the art of “conscious dreaming” by re-creating and possibly completing one of their own dreams.  This dream “re-entry” activity provides insight into dream dynamics and helps us understand how conscious or lucid dreaming can provide assistance for new understanding or for striving toward physical or psychological well-being.

Healing dreams are windows into the subconscious awareness of our physical state.  They are like advanced detection systems that catch early glimpses of emerging difficulties.  They help us keep “a close eye” on our inner wellness.  Healing dreams monitor our recovery in the event of accident or illness.  By welcoming healing dreams, and by interacting with them in a lucid way, you have the potential for accelerating your recovery from illness or injury.

This seminar includes:

  •  The value of keeping a journal.
  •  Methods for initiating and understanding dreams.
  •  Techniques for enhancing dream recall and for experiencing lucid dreams.
  •  Guidelines for identifying and evaluating psychic dreams.
  •  Approaches for recognizing literal and symbolic dream elements.
  •  Perspectives on how to respond to dream insights.
  •  Recommendations for systematic development of your intuitive, psychic, and healing dream potential.
Working with intuitive and psychic dreams enhances your ability to be more intuitive and psychic during your waking state, and helps you experience synchronicities.  Many synchronicities have their roots in our psychic nature and are like dynamic intuitions.  We find ourselves in the right place at the right time for receiving help or for helping others.

Healing dreams help uncover deep wounds in our psyche that distract or even block us from optimum mental and physical health.  At times, our healing dreams are the vehicle for reaching out to others in their time of need.

This seminar examines various approaches to dreamwork and offers the opportunity to dream along for problem solving or for experiencing an intuitive, psychic, or healing dream for yourself or for others.

In this seminar, you will not have homework, but you can have “nightwork.”

Explore and dream along.

Daily schedule is from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Lunch is provided each day. 
Please contact Dale E. Graff  for schedule and fees.


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