Facilitated by Dale and Barbara Graff

      Dale is a physicist and a former Director of Project STARGATE, the government program that investigated remote viewing phenomena.  He has appeared on ABC’s Nightline, Paranormal Borderline, CNN, several TV documentaries on remote viewing, such as A&E’s Psychic Spies program in the series, THE UNEXPLAINED, Discovery Channel’s documentary on ESP, and several British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) productions, including their Mysteries series.  He has been interviewed on over fifty radio talk shows, including Art Bell’s Coast to Coast, The X-Zone with Rob McConnell, Sightings with Jeff Rense, The Jerry Hughes Show and many others in the US and the UK.  He was a guest on Fox News Network’s The Crier Report and on ABC’s Good Morning America. His books include Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness, March, 1998 and RIVER DREAMS, January, 2000.  Other books in progress include River Shadows and On the Trail of Intuition.

      Dale is sought as a presenter on psi topics and as a facilitator for a variety of groups and activities.  Personal experiences and life-long explorations into intuition, remote viewing and precognitive dreaming guided him to a scientific career for research in parapsychological, or psi, phenomena.  He provides user-friendly guidance and explanation of psychic abilities for people seeking to expand their talents or understand their experiences.

      Barbara is a Registered Nurse practitioner of physical meditation and facilitates the benefits of body and mind harmony.  By combining clinical nursing and health care management with horticulture, she presents a holistic and ecological approach to life.

      Our Perspective: We acknowledge that everyone has creative, intuitive, and psychic potential, and that our Intuitive/Psi abilities can be uncovered and nurtured.  We affirm the need for balance in all aspects of life, including inner exploration.

      Contact us for schedule and fee information.  Programs are usually scheduled twice a month on weekends.  We look forward to helping you explore your intuitive and psychic potential . . .

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